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Read your article in the Poughkeepsie paper. Good for you, Gamma! I’m Nana and proud of it!

Hey, the Boomers who run from grandparenthood are usually the ones who instead run into the nearest scalpel as they work diligently toward that coveted “Joan Rivers” look… Bad Boomers!

Give your GRANDCHILD a big smooch for me!

Lost Glasses Turn World Upside Down

Thank you for this column in the Poughkeepsie Journal! As I awoke this morning to the throbbing bass of some neighbor blasting his stereo & immediately putting me in a bad mood, I desperately looked forward to a quieter rest of the day sitting down with the Sunday paper.

The first article I was was your column. The title sent me into peals of laughter. Immediately, I understood. On my 48th birthday, I finally broke down & “celebrated” by going to Kmart & buying some reading glasses. You see, for the past year, I had stubbornly resisted & used (are you ready for this?) a magnifying glass. I could not accept reading glasses as then, I’d be old… I had a magnigying glass in my kitchen drawer so I could read recipes & expiration dates on coupons. I had a magnifying glass in my purse so I could read menus… Now, they’ve all been replaced by reading glasses & I have officially joined the aging boomers.


I want to commend you on your ‘Millions will miss ‘Children”‘ article. I have watched AMC for over 35 years, ever since Ryans Hope started (another RIP). The only point I really have to disagree with you on, is who MY favorite couple on the show was/is. My favorite has always been Tad Martin And Jesse Hubbard. The dynamic these two actors have (especially together) is fabulous. There have been other actors I was happy to see go, there are characters that whenever they were on the screen I would fast forward, but those two I always watched for.

Just read your “rest stops” article. We have always traveled and years ago all the states we went through had flush toilets except Ohio. I couldn’t wait to get out of that state. When I went in an outhouse at night I made my husband stand outside with a flashlight. One time he told me there was a mouse in there with me. They were slow in updating their facilities but I agree with you – they now have the best rest stops in the country.

re: your Trip saved by Ohio rest stops

I have been traveling from NY to Ohio since 1965 – and really could relate to your article – just be glad that Pennsylvania now has real bathrooms – for many years it was just “pit-toliets”.

I am sending your article to my family in Ohio – I am sure they too will enjoy it!

Hello Kathleen,
I receive a weekly email “Genealogy News”. This last one contains a reference to your article in the Poughkeepsie Journal of 30 July 2011, entitled ‘A journey that leads to long lost relatives’.

I read your article with great interest, as I too have been reunited with Irish relatives. My Deering family left County Carlow in 1860. In the 1990’s my godfather went to Carlow and met the current Deering families living there. In 2007 I made my first trip to Ireland, the Deering family opened their home to me in the same way your Fitzsimon’s have.

I have been fortunate to stay at their home in town and at the farm they own. This farm encompasses the farm that my Deering family rented in the 1800’s from the local landlord.

I have walked the land and wondered in amazement what these ancestors of mine thought when they left for America. I am sure that they never envisioned a great-great granddaughter visiting their townland and farm so many years later.

Congratulations to you and your Fitzsimons cousins in Ireland and Australia. Isn’t life Grand!

You asked for funny stories about what grandchildren say. Here’s one “hot off the presses” since it happened just two days ago. I have 3 grandchildren, Patrick (8yrs), Melkamu (5yrs), and Eleanor (11mo). Two days ago, my daughter Erin posted on facebook:

Patrick: My stomach is bothering me.
Erin: Do you want any dinner? I made spaghetti and meatballs.
Patrick: Maybe a little. It might help me feel better.
Erin: Then how many meatballs do you want?
Patrick: 5.

I have another funny story, although it doesn’t fit the “grandchild” category, since it was my niece (at the time she was about 2 1/2 yrs):

We had just bought our first home and our 2 1/2 year old niece, Lisa, was visiting, along with her 7 month old sister, Taryn, and their mother, Barbara. After giving them the “nickel tour”, I was showing Lisa the backyard. I asked Lisa, “How do you like our new house?” She looked at the house, then at me, and asked, “How did you get it home?”

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