Kathleen Norton

Out of the mouths of babes

Posted on: March 8, 2012

Charming, just charming!

Spring is still a few weeks away, but here’s a reason to smile anyway.

Folks have sent in a new batch of entries for “Grand kids say the darndest things!’’

We let some gems from nieces and nephews slip in – they were too amusing to leave out.

Oh, and at the end of this blog you’ll find out I was on the money when I poked fun at New Hampshire – recently named the “No. 1 Place to Retire.’’

It had nothing to do with funny kids, but I love being right. (Just ask my husband.)

First up: Donna and Kevin Gallagher of Poughkeepsie NY.

When they bought a home years ago, they showed their niece around and Donna asked the girl: “How do you like our new house?’’

The girl looked at the house, look at her aunt and asked, “How did you get it home?’’

Donna also said her grandson recently complained about a stomach ache. Then he heard meatballs were on the menu.

“Maybe I can eat a little,’’ the boy said.

“How many?’’ his mother asked.

“Five!’’ he declared.

Here’s a story from Christina McIntire, also of Poughkeepsie, who said a family gathering led to a good laugh.

The hosts were showing off some redecorated rooms when Christina’s granddaughter, then age 3, pronounced the job “charming,’’ much to everyone’s surprise.

Then the tot went about her business. “We all found it quite hysterical that she used that word and in the right context too!’’ Christina said.

Another funny story comes from my pal Sarah Bradshaw. Her little nephew asked if it was OK to drink root beer.

“Of course,’’ Auntie Sarah said.

“But doesn’t it make you do bad things like kill people?’’ the boy wanted to know.

Karen Campbell of Red Hook, NY, wrote that during family several to New Jersey, her husband gets up early to attend a local Sunday church service, and then returns for breakfast.

Though his granddaughters think highly of him, one apparently thinks he’s quite the Superman.

When the 6-year-old realized he was going to a local church, she said, “Oh, I always thought Pop Pop drove back to your house in Red Hook to go to church and then back to my house in New Jersey for breakfast!’’

Last but not least, we have Jacqueline Berghorn, who moved to the Lake Winnepesaukee area of New Hampshire 14 years ago.

The Berghorns were attracted by the lower cost of living, low crime rate and outdoor atmosphere – the same reasons New Hampshire recently climbed the “best place to retire’’ list.

But here, in Jacqueline’s words, is how it played out: “Six months of freezing, no sun, low vitamin D, houses have tripled in value, taxes the same…and this past May, I was attacked by a bear!’’

Jacqueline’s OK, thankfully. She said to get in touch if you’re interested in a ranch house with a pool, nearby golf course and a lake that’s frozen half the year and has a name you won’t be able to spell.

We have not discussed my commission. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to all who sent in grandkid stories, and keep ‘em coming. They’re bound to keep us young – or at least chuckling.


1 Response to "Out of the mouths of babes"

Just read your column regarding Davy Jones & thought I’d share my near encounter…
In 1986, my fiance took me to the Concorde for the weekend. That night, he proposed. We then went to the show – The Monkees! The next day, as we lounged by the pool, who walked right by me but, Davy himself?! That was an auspicious start to our life together & we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary – on Valentine’s Day.

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