Kathleen Norton

Bye, Bye Erica Kane

Posted on: May 4, 2011

Say it isn't so!

This is warning for the mucky-mucks at the soap opera “All My Children.’’

You are in a heap of trouble if you think you can cancel that show and leave its loyal fans (read: “rabid soap addicts”) high and dry.

What will we do? Where will we go? Are you going to support us during withdrawal?

Oh, I know. Some of you out there are saying: “Kathleen! We are shocked! We suspected you might be prone to ‘Laverne and Shirley’ reruns. But soaps? Soaps??’’

Sorry, my peeps. This is how I roll. And excuse me, but I haven’t watched just any soap.

We’re talking about THE Soap. (Take that all you pathetic Luke-and-Laura-General-Hospital people.)

Sure. I may have gone weeks, months and even a year without checking on my fave fantasy town. But saying goodbye forever?

Ouch. Major ouch.

It all started back in the day. Nixon (Dick, not Cynthia) was president and “All My Children” was a ticket outside my tiny Catholic schoolgirl Universe.

It’s not like I had no clue what soap operas were.

My mother locked us out of the house every summer afternoon so she could “iron,’’ which was Mom Code for: “Scram! My soap’s on!’’

Later on, I got my own soap education. If I hadn’t visited Pine Valley with my pal Mary Lynn when we were supposed to be babysitting her brother in the summer of 1972, how would we know about evil twin sisters?

About people really coming back from the dead? About disturbed brothers living inside secret tunnels of family mansions? About looking Erica Kane-a-licious while repeatedly on trial for murder?

AMC’s been with me through thick and thin. I scheduled college classes around Pine Valley, and it helped me through childbirth, when after a gazillion hours of pain, I abandoned Lamaze, took the meds and focused on that week’s AMC plot.

“If I can get this baby out before lunch, I can find out if Erica goes to jail or goes free,’’ I huffed and puffed.

My husband, an excellent labor coach, kept one eye on the TV in our room and fed me updates.

The teamwork continued when he worked nights and I worked days. This was pre-VCR and soap opera digest. At home during the afternoons, he was expected to do two things: Nurture the kids and watch AMC when they napped.

“The baby’s sniffling and we need milk,’’ he would say as we passed in the driveway, him going to work and me coming home. “Oh, and Erica’s fifth marriage is kaput but Jenny may be back from the dead.’’

Eventually, our teenage daughter gasped through AMC while at my side. This was much better than the alternative for us at that stage – not talking to each other at all.

These days, I seem to be at the gym weekdays at 1 p.m. to catch AMC while I work off a mid-life crisis on the treadmill.

See, AMC bigwigs? Going cold turkey is unthinkable.

As you get ready to yank that soap, I pray you’re breaking ground for the Pine Valley Rehab Clinic. And there had better be a bed with my name on it.

(How about it folks? Is AMC the best soap ever? Is there one better? Add your two cents and your favorite soap memories).


8 Responses to "Bye, Bye Erica Kane"

Ah yes, we were hooked in the 70’s and I recall nursing my babies while watching AMC. Jim watched with me when he worked nights early on in our marriage. It was a nobrainer during their naptimes and a welcome diversion later on when I worked full time and took a sick day. Years or decades went by when I wasn’t able to be a regular but I recently got reconnected as my life has come full circle and I am home again with my mom and grandaughter. Yes, just as I can enjoy watching Tad turn gray and Erika continue to break men’s hearts it can’t possibly be coming to an end!!

LOL…so Jim and Gerry have something else in common!

Why does Tad look great with gray hair???

Tad looks great no matter what!

Love this one! Erica will be missed!

And ‘all her children’ (and husbands)

Remember Phil??? Whatever happened to him?

Go to this linkfor great list of former cast members, though I do not see him. You cannot believe the response I got from this on Facebook.

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