Kathleen Norton

Wrinkle Cream, Part Deux!

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Thanks to all who threw in their two cents on anti-aging creams, especially Karen, who led the charge and said she dumped a ton of stuff from her bathroom just the other day.

My old friend Lark said a facelift would have been cheaper than all the moisturizer she’s used over the years.

(Why didn’t my Mom name me something cool like that???)

Anyway, for more laughs about beauty cream, click here to see a hilarious video.

“All the Wrinkled Ladies!” From Comic Anita Renfroe.

Funny stuff!


5 Responses to "Wrinkle Cream, Part Deux!"

Maybe we should do a calendar – like the one from England???

I don’t want to be “January” but I’d be happy to recommend a few…..

Makes you want to dance, and make peace with the wrinkles!

I think we have no other choice!

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