Kathleen Norton


Posted on: January 26, 2010

Kathleen Norton

Need a laugh? You’ve come to the right place!

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11 Responses to "Welcome!"

The Tinsel Serenity Prayer is top notch.

Love the caricature! I can totally relate to the tinsel story but I’m afraid it’s me that’s the addict that’s had to refrain for years! Both my hubby and my kids claimed to hate tinsel but I grew up with it and the tree never quite looks finished to me.

Thanks, Jean….I always suspected you were a closet tinsel-holic…you have that gleam in your eye.

Kathy, love nthe caricature. The tinsel (LOL), I use it in the classroom for art projects and I can feel the pain of the addiction. However, the kids love the shiny, glitter…OMG, I can’t stop!

Please add ne to your list. Thanks.

Sure Eleanor, blame it on the kids….

Where do I get my boomer gal fan t-shirts?????!!!

Yay for your new column.

I love the caricature. Hmm . . . that baby looks familiar!

I want my boomer-gal fan t-shirt!

Wow, the caricature is so great. How can a boomer look so good. Must be using that bionic anitage cream!!!

Credit goes to the appletinis

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